Start Date: 27 Jul, 2019  End Date: 27 Jul, 2019

The procedure includes filling of nomination forms by the interested students, sorting the nominations, Address by the student, personal interview and final list is prepared by teachers committee. The school cabinet will be sworn into office and badges will be given to the members by the chairman. They will hold office for 1 year. Students are from Std XI/IX   […]

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Start Date: 15 Aug, 2019  End Date: 15 Aug, 2019

To celebrate the 73rd Independence Day, Flag hoisting followed by national anthem will be sung. March Past consisting of 4house,1 drum troop, 1 NCC, 1 Scout/guide 1 HPER troops will compete for the best marching. This will be followed by dances of different countries with the theme- Vasudev Kutumbakam.    […]

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Start Date: 31 Aug, 2019  End Date: 31 Aug, 2019

Science projects, Models, seminar, ppt will be distributed to groups of students in classes VI-XI House wise. They will come up with innovative science project ideas and working models. Some eminent scientist will be called for a seminar on recent advances in science. Independent judges will be invited to judge the models and ppt and the most innovative ones with good presentation skills will be awarded   […]

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Start Date: 29 Sep, 2019  End Date: 29 Sep, 2019

A powerpoint presentation will be there illustrating the various heart diseases and lifestyles responsible for it. Chairman will address the students on healthy living. Renowned Heart surgeon will be invited to speak to students and staff. Community Awareness program with placards will be initiated. Students with Biology optional will take part in poster designing competition with the theme-my heart, your heart lets keep them healthy.   […]

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Start Date: 02 Nov, 2019  End Date: 02 Nov, 2019

S.ST projects, Models, seminar, ppt will be distributed to groups of students in classes VI-X House wise. They will come up with S.St project ideas and working models as prescribed by CBSE. Some eminent speaker will be called for a seminar. Independent judges will be invited to judge the models and ppt and the most innovative ones with good presentation skills will be awarded   […]

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Start Date: 13 Nov, 2019  End Date: 14 Nov, 2019

Pre-primary Annual day is celebrated. Various cultural programs are organised with LKG/UKG students of all wings on 13th evening. 14th is Children's day, classes are suspended. Competitions like talent hunt, Miss/Master ODM contest, Parent and child competitions are held. The highlight is the food fiesta on both days with sumptuous delicacies from well-known food brands are available in the campus in well-decorated […]

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Start Date: 15 Nov, 2019  End Date: 17 Nov, 2019

Preparation for the event starts in August. Invitations are sent out and hoardings announce the event. A core team is set up to organise the 3-day event. Classes are suspended on those days. Host school and students from other schools will compete and debate on world issues. They are judged by a group of experts who chair each committee. There are about 6-7 committees with 25 to 30 children each. the classrooms are used for the purpose with a broad display of co […]

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Start Date: 08 Nov, 2019  End Date: 09 Nov, 2019

The prelims will be on campus and the final athletic meet of students of Primary/sec/Sr. Sec will be held. The primary classes have their sports on the campus but are invited to take their medals on the final day. The competing athletes start the day by 7 am. The torch is lit, march past and cultural program follow. The 2 days witnesses various sporting events. The closing ceremony is marked by medal distribution, cultural display, Lowering of the sports flag an […]

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Start Date: 21 Dec, 2019  End Date: 22 Dec, 2019

Annual cultural meet of Primary/Sec/Sr.Sec. The 2-day event is organised by the cultural teams. Dances, skits etc of different states spice up the event. The 2nd day is marked as grandparent's day where grandparents are invited to be the special guests and worshipped uniquely- Pujya Puja Utsav. Value-based prizes are awarded to students of different wings for the values displayed by them throughout the year. A food court is set up to meet the refreshment nee […]

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Start Date: 23 Dec, 2019  End Date: 23 Dec, 2019

A grand get-together will be arranged for the Alumni. First registration through the Alumni form has to be done through the school website with nominal registration fees. On registering, the alumni will receive a confirmation through the mail and personal call. All the details of the meet will be sent to the registered members. An alumni book will be published with all the details of the alumni. The selected Alumni members will be appraised of school events and […]

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