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Sports and Wellness

When it comes to Sports, ODM’s staff and students get all serious and competitive. ODM puts a lot of focus on Sports Training and Wellness of all the students. ODMians are groomed across 6 sports and games majorly which include- Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Kabaddi and Kho-Kho. The school boasts of a junior and senior team in each of the sports and boasts of a wide range of awards.

The following are some major highlights under the segment of SPORTS-

a. Partnership with EduSports- ODM has partnered with EduSports to provide sports and physical activity training to all the students of primary section. ODMians believe that wellness and physical fitness are a big important part of one’s life and one should make it a habit right from the childhood.

b. SPORTS Training is provided to all the children of ODM and Junior and Senior teams are selected for each of the following sports- Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Kho-Kho and Kabaddi. Proper Sports Infrastructure and Dedicated Sports Infrastructure is provided for all these sports.

c. INTER-SCHOOL EVENTS & NATIONAL SPORTS EVENTS- ODM teams participate and represent ODM at all these big stages. Many a times ODMians have made us proud by winning a lot of notable tournaments.

d. YOGA Classes and Meditation Intervals are also provided to the children to ensure their mental well being and social well being.

e. INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS of Taekwondo and Gateball have been brilliant platforms for our children to showcase their talent and win at least 30+ medals for our country and school.



Student, Class II

ODM Public School is a great school! The teachers here are super about encouraging students to do their very best. Viswo Vinita Mam, is my English teacher, is fun and I really like her class. She loves to joke around, but does not play about getting work done.

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